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Eques research suggests investors are being way too pessimistic about the UK housing market, which is going through a very stressful period.

We’re entering the age of artificial intelligence, and one company is ahead of the curve.

Love it or hate it, there’s no doubt that artificial intelligence is one of the big investment trends at the moment.

As March’s “banking crisis” claimed big names, the market became a shorter’s paradise. The backlash came quickly, though one commentator says short sellers aren’t to blame.

After no change in March, the latest FTSE reshuffle has seen commercial property giant British Land (BLND) relegated to the FTSE 250 and engineering company IMI (IMI) making the grade to the elite club of 100 stocks. 

Supermarkets bring in security tags, London attracts a new IPO and the M&S boss shows brand loyalty.